Everything you need to know about VIER

Giving many relevant things to this world like Raf Simons, Ann Demeulemeester and markets full of waffles, the historical city of Antwerp has introduced another fashion frenzy; Vier. A skate shop stocked with the likes of Thrasher, Gosha Rubchinkskiys and even Raf Simons- who also shops there and claims it's his favorite skate store, was founded in 2010, naming it after the notorious fourth district in Antwerp (Vier means four in Dutch). "VIER has firmly established itself as a bastion of good taste, carrying only an exclusive selection of the world’s finest dry goods: Classics drawn from collections of traditional work- and technical outerwear complement high-end performance sportswear and select show stopping pieces of up-and-coming streetwear brands."

The six year old store was founded by Giancarlo Angeletti and Bob Follens in hopes of bridging a gap between high end fashion and functional skater wear, forming no labels on 21st century sub cultures, an objective many fashion labels are attempting to do today. Follens explains “Most of the time, you would either find a sneaker or skate shop that would only do their thing and nothing else, or a high-end designer shop where you feel uncomfortable to walk in."

Creating an urbanised environment but relaxed enough not to feel pressured into purchasing, co-founder, Follens talks about the store's setting “You could find some of the most famous persons in fashion standing next to a couple of football hooligans who want to buy one of our T-shirts, standing next to a grandpa buying the same pair of shoes as a 16-year old skater,” Follens explained. “We wanted to have place where anyone would feel welcome, a place where it's very easy to walk in with a laidback atmosphere, a place where you can simply find good stuff in a relaxed setting.” Also selling in house brands, Vier was one of the primary labels to create the global hype of the Antwerp logo on merch such as hoodies, tees and more wearable greatness, all of which can be found on their online store.

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