This Icelandic hotel is a Celine campaign waiting to happen

All images: @oddssonreykjavik

Labelling itself as a 'hotel with a hostel atmo. Hostel with a hotel service', Oddsson is the place to lay your head, eat and capture the Insta-worthy view of Reykjavik. The Icelandic hotel that's a Celine campaign waiting to happen, has an unexpected take on regular hospitality. "ODDSSON encapsulates this way of thinking. It is bright, positive and inspirational. It has an innately honest atmosphere. Life at ODDSSON will exist in its own time. There is no emphasis on rushing from point A to point B. If the elevator is slow, then it’s slow. But guests will enjoy the best elevator music in the world during the ride."

With it's distinctive voice in the combination of local characteristics and world class design masterpieces, the hotel is a Celine campaign waiting to happen. Jungle plants, walls with muted intent and it's signature cultural elements of Nordic coolness, ODDSSON's stylistic vision is breaking down barriers between the ideals of hospitality and comfort. "As weird as it sounds, one of our inspirations is the atmosphere of an airport: a space for diverse encounters where time seems to pass slowly. Guests at ODDSSON might have a small room or a large one, a small shower cubicle or a private one, but the luxury is in the details; the bed linen, the art on the walls." Amenities include a yoga room, hot tubs on the rooftop, karaoke room, a café, a bar and an overall space to fill your Insta feed up with some likeable pictures.

Playing heavily with the concept of contrast, the Icelandic ho(s)tel takes different extremes and merges them together, curating one of the worlds coolest, literally and metaphorically, places to stay. To book your room, click here.

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