Everything you need to know about Superchampion

All images: @superchampion

Milanese street wear label Superchampion explores a fixation with the American, Japanese and Russian culture to produce wearable greatness. Founded in 2015, the genderless brand just dropped their Fall Winter 2016 collection that focuses on graphic hoodies, jackets and trousers all of which mirror a sports-luxe aesthetic, however, adopting a new approach of the theme with juxtaposed text (90's word art font to be exact).

With the brands parallel interest in worldwide cultures, the clothes represent that through the use of primary colours referencing the flags of their inspired countries. With a vocal point on key essentials such as season-less tee's, sweatpants and hoodies, the latest collection is a dissection of what the young market will want in months to come, forecasting their continuous evolvement and need for nostalgic renewal. To discover the full collection and more, follow Superchampion here.

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