5 things to know about Juvet Landscape Hotel

A synthesis of raw Norwegian nature, Juvet Landscape hotel is the first hotel in Europe to be located in the farmstead of Alstad in Vallidal. Specifically situated on a steep boulder, this hotel has set a new level of hospitality for guests to experience. The private space explores a unique notion of cultural references, futuristic architecture with carefully built craftsmanship. Here's five things you should probably know about the Wi-fi friendly Juvet Landscape hotel;

1. It was used as the scarily beautiful mis-en-scene for the sci-fi movie, Ex Machina.

2. The architects, Jensen & Skodvin, wanted to create a hotel that would not intrude upon nature, but rather exist in harmony with the landscape of which it is a part.

3. It's cheaper to stay at this getaway than buy one plain Rick Owens tee. £145 to be exact.

4. The hot tub is directly situated above a river and within touching distance of nature's finest water.

5. It's the perfect backdrop for any Instagram photo #nofilternecessary

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