This 14 year old is creating a dreamy new sound

Image: MTV

14 year old LA based singer Billie Eilish has shaken up the system with her harmonious sound. The blue eyed beauty released her first song 'Ocean Eyes' earlier this year to nothing but positive reviews, courtesy of her airy and tranquil sound of raw emotions. Working closely with her brother, Finneas, Eilish describes the organic process of sibling love "My brother and I started writing when we were about 11 or 12. He came into my room in October of last year to tell me he had this song called “Ocean Eyes.” He’d been doing it with his band before, but of course I’d heard it because I was right next door. I sang it, and we both loved it. It’s just a beautiful song, and my brother is an amazing writer."

Emotionally mature with an innocent side of seduction, her soft electro-pop sound features minimalist synths and the obligatory heart-break references. Adopting a new approach to such a young generation of music, the American creative mesmerises typical sound with her deep and somewhat whimsical, but undefined genre. With an appetite for glassy indie-pop, the 14 year old has been compared to the likes of Lana Del Rey and Aurora all of which share a beautifully crafted individuality. Follow the peroxide princess here and thank us later.

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