Has Casey Neistat started a digital movement?

In 2001, Casey Neistat moved to New York City from a trailer park in Connecticut with $800 and an ambitious dream to make films. In 2016 he is currently regarded as one of the most influential content creators of the 21st century. Embracing the digital spectrum, 35 year old filmmaker, Youtuber, business entrepreneur and dad of two, Neistat is breaking communication codes one edit at a time. Amongst the chaos of the social space, Casey distributes content to over four million Youtube users everyday, breaking down social expectations through his inspirational perspective.

Believing that hard work and determination pays off, hence his infamous 'DO MORE' tattoo, Casey says that "there's only two types of people in this world; people who create and everyone else". Using Youtube as a catalyst of creative content, he's continuously feeding the social evolution of technology through his fast cuts, beautiful cinematography and witty references. In a digitalised era where filters and self manipulation is ruled, Neistat's raw integrity seeps through any highly edited share, giving him a relatable narrative and loving fan base. With the tiring political system of mass media the 35 year old futurist has set a benchmark of success in the social space, through the beauty and easiness of the internet by creating and instantly sharing to a social reach of millions. Working from his chronologically clustered but widely functional Broadway office space, Neistat and his customised glasses, endless supply of camera gear and his motivational mind has formed a social movement of desired digitalised content to today's generation.

"I never want to be comfortable, I never want to feel safe because that's the fast track to being irrelevant. I want to keep it fresh, I want to mix up and I will doing that. That's what 2016 is about"- Casey Neistat.

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