Why Gentle Monster is a vision to the future

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Presenting a vision to the future, Korean based eyewear label, Gentle Monster has become the epitome of experimentational eye candy for the urbanised youth. Describing themselves as an evolving brand that 'develops under a philosophy of innovational high-end experiments', the South Korean label breaks down barriers with it's contemporary take on nostalgic theories. "We sought opportunity in a very flat and stable market, where eyewear was not being explored or experimented with excitement and creativity," says VP of Communications Taye Yun.

Acting as an easy street style fixture, the sunglasses have become a wearable creation of renewal for the 21st century youth, either through the brands Wes Anderson style editorials or it's coloured based lenses. Carefully crafted with it's stylistic vision of eye candy, the Seoul born brand which was founded in 2011 by former English teacher Hankook Kim, mediates it's unique aesthetic with it's remix of subcultural sci-fi codes for the millennial market. The genderless label can be found here.

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