Why Juliette Cassidy is the eye of the youth

All images: @juliettecassidy

Her Instagram bio reads 'photographer for complaints', her pictures read a million and one different things. A spanish born, LA based visual maker, Juliette Cassidy has become a visionaire of photography. Approaching the world of fashion with her keen eye to distinctive details, Cassidy describes the industry and how she captures it through her digital lens "I try to approach fashion in an interesting and sometimes mysterious way by being aware of different aspects in the picture, like composition, colors, models attitude, gestures and light. Fashion is, at the moment, the way I have to develop my creativity."

Bringing a polysemic meaning to natural beauty, the predominantly editorial based photographer seeks artistry through her work, explaining that "Photography is not decoration, it is something much more emotional. As Freud said, beauty has no obvious use; nor is there any clear cultural necessity for it. Yet civilization could not do without it." Digitally stalk and scroll through Cassidy's work here.

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