Go back to the future with notel: a hotel that's not a hotel

Images: @designboom

Shining chrome trailers on a Melbourne rooftop has become the way to sleep, eat and take a dip in a hot tub. As one of the most anticipated accommodations, the Australian hospitality service entitled 'Notel' includes a 'series of five-star, fully renovated and restored 1970s airstreams that overlook the city center from above. Entered through a single door hidden near a coffee shop, the hotel provides guests with a smart phone code that allows them access to the site, where they are greeted by six, shining chrome trailers set against a colorful mural by artist Ash Keating.'

Designed by Edwards Moore architects, the creatives focused on a back to the future aesthetic with it's restored 1970's airstreams, sci-fi lighting and contemporary interiors. Overlooking the city, each suite which has been specifically designed with a pink palette, playing reference to films like 'logan's run' and '2001: a space odyssey'. Notel describes it's aesthetic as "positioned speak-easy style, perched on the roof of a nondescript Melbourne car park, Notel is like no hotel you've every been to'. One of the many perks? The no expensive mini bar- it's all free and generously supplied by the companies 'friends and partners'. Book your stay under the stars here.

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