Why this art exhibition is an actual art exhibition

Documenting a realistic approach to 'art', Loose London's new exhibition is a cultural rarity in pictorial greatness. “I guess the beauty of keeping the show as broad as this is it gives us the opportunity to showcase young and unknown graduates alongside the likes of Ed Templeton. Our name, Loose, is as it suggests and we don't want to shy away from that.”

Founding trio, Joe Goicoechea, Charlie Warcup and Sam Hamer are divorcing themselves from the norm of the art world and breaking barriers with their mockery of the industry itself, explaining that "We’re sick of going to these wanky art shows that are trying to be far too intelligent with some ridiculous concept and then when you get there it’s all absolutely shite. We think art exhibitions should just be sound places to go and hang out, have a drink and look at some nice art on the walls."

Exploiting photography through it's organic and non linear form, the exhibition will be featuring work from photographer, Megan Doherty, skateboarder, Ed Templeton and other artists such as Carl Storey, Joe McCrae, James Holliday and more. Loose London will be held at the Doomed Gallery in Dalston on November 8th.

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