Everything you need to know about Chaos

All images: @amuse

A concept store with a concept. Based in the thriving city of Tbilisi, Georgia, Chaos is a wearable institution, creating a social movement for the youth of today. Located in a brutalist building with references of art nouveau and soviet modernism the store merges it's exterior with it's own brand DNA. With an unmade bed in the middle of the retail environment, Chaos birthed it's way onto the market in June this year with it's conceptual decor choices "The style is minimalistic but with a trashy edge. The corridor, for example, was rearranged as a skateboarding ramp, and an old Soviet kiosk serves as the cashbox.”

Reacting to the millennial movement, the founders of Chaos explain it's relevance within today's market "we wanted to target the new punk, skater and indie-gothic style youth, as well as lovers of more classy fashion. At this point it was really necessary to open this kind of shop in Tbilisi to reflect the spirit of this century." Hosting the likes of Natto Franco, ZDDZ and more, the Georgian company also goes beyond the point of street friendly clothes and Insta-worthy interior goals, it also hosts art, high tech items, skateboards and home products- all of which fall under the umbrella of Chaos' objective which is to be a vocal platform for young artists. With it's online store coming soon, get them on your hourly scroll sessions or visit them at 14 Merab Kostava Street, Tbilisi, Georgia.

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