How Sex Skateboards is forming a social movement

Louis Slater, founder and designer behind street wear label, Sex Skateboards has created a social media hype that's actually worth it. The ready to wear label challenges graphics with it's use of SEX and red lips on it's pieces creating a cultural movement both on and offline with it's forming experimental use of clothing for the urbanised youth. A newly birthed brand, Slater explains that "I didn't set out to start a brand, it sort of started itself. It evolved on it's own from spray painting the logo onto my own t-shirt". The Sheffield based artist, who currently stocks in Goodhood, London is also set to launch his ready-to-wear label in Japan and Germany later this year.

Creating clothes for the millennials, Sex Skateboards is a wearable voice for the rebellious minds that don't conform to societies expectations. The brand has become a unified voice for the youth, merging sub cultures from skate to music to fashion and art all together with one wearable feature. Slater says " I don't have a specific target consumer, because anyone can wear Sex. There's no boundaries and no rules". Sex Skateboards creates tee's, hoodies, socks, skateboards and more relevant wearable products that can be found here.

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