How 'Fear and Love' is highlighting urgent underlying issues

Image: @thedesignmuseum

With it's recent relaunch, The Design Museum hosts it's first exhibition entitled 'Fear and Love: Reactions to Complex World'. A thought provoking insight into the 21st century world and it's ability to disconnect from human connection, the works explore a spectrum of issues that define our time including: 'networked sexuality, sentient robots, slow fashion and settled nomads.'

The design hub describes itself as " Different exhibition consists of a series of major new commissions by some of the most innovative practitioners in design and architecture on the issues surrounding design today, its ability to address technological, social or environmental questions". Providing the public with a cultural and social awakening to how detached the world has become through the likes of technology, social expectations, inequality and more, 'Fear and Love' highlights the repression of the digital age's fear of the future.

"This is a multidisciplinary exhibition that is not afraid to question design in the context of a complex and rapidly changing world. Fear and Love is an atmosphere – a mood – more than a theme. Fear and Love are not opposites – they can co-exist, they can be seen as a combined response to our time. The exhibition should hold a mirror up to our moment and condense that image into a series of powerful experiences. Because Fear and Love is not just a mood, it is also a set of emotional reactions to be experienced by the visitor.". To visit the exhibition click here.

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