This cabin is a protective space of one man's grief

All images: @dezeen

Located in the upstate area of New York, a beautifully brutalist cabin lays in the middle of the woods. The yet-to-be-built house named 'Mask House' has been curated by WOJR, an organisation for architecture. Having won the Residential Architect Design Award in 2016, the secluded space is a protective shelter for a man who lost his brother in the lake which the house overlooks.

Surrounded by nature through the grey slathered walls, it's been described as "a place of separation and protection that removes one from the world of the everyday and offers passage to an other world". The 587 square-foot accommodation consists of a narrow walkway with light coloured wood throughout the house, complimented by the darkness of the exterior. A conceptual hiding spot for grief to take it's course, the lake-facing space acts as a companion of protection, confinement and overall warmth for the owner.

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