Cry of the City is an insight into the capitalist world of male modelling

Model agent Paul Rowland has created a two minute and fifty second reality check called 'Cry of the City'. Commissioned by Premier Model Management, the slightly moral story is a narrative challenging young people facing the obstacles of modelling in the big city. A visual documentation, the model turned director forecasts a new generation of fresh faces, all obtaining an unseen uniqueness in the mass market of modelling. "Facing alienation and financial hardships often can lead to bad decisions in life. In this film we were trying to dramatise all these issues with visual style, music and by using a wonderful dialog between copper and criminal."

Having been a model himself, Rowland explores the archetype of male models in today's society. Throughout the film, there's an evident sense of sadness in the models trail to success by being objectified with low income and sleepless nights to glorify a specific product and or brand. Rowland explains "“The idea that someone’s following dictates your idea of beauty is weird to me. Yeah, I mean [the social media models] seem like lovely people and they're quite savvy, but do I find them beautiful? I mean they’re alright. As a purist, I don't think they're incredible; I think they’re forgettable.” Highlighting the cycle of capitalism and the struggle of aspirers in fashion, Paul Rowland wonderfully executes the painful reality of male modelling in Cry of the City.

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