How Ceren Bülbün is creating juxtaposed brillance

Images: @cerenbulbun

Colliding the beauty of distraught images together, visual artist Ceren Bülbün curates the ultimate narrative through juxtaposed brillance. The Turkish creative combines human anatomy and natures finest and sometimes disastrous moments together forming a beautiful mishap of photography. From burning volcanos and stretched eyeballs to pink skies and beaten up bruises, Bülbün, who is hard to track for any information, showcases her work the digital way via the pictorial medium of Instagram.

Taking followers to a far away land of juxtaposed mystery, Bülbün's innovative work of love/hate, hot/cold, human/nature, allows reflection on the current state of civilisation. With a fetishism of the connection between humanity and nature, the young artist reiterates that there is no divide between the two forms of living beings through her continuous use of dramatic themes.

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