How Benedetta Ristori captures abandoned beauty

All images: @Benedettaristori

28. Italian. Benedetta Ristori tells the story of the tense existence between a form and the space which it both occupies and is contained by. With a main vocal point of abandonment, emptiness and decadence, the young visionarie adopts a new approach to classic beauty, either it be a distilled space or a worker on their break. Through the use of her lens, Ristori is now focusing on personal documentation "My intention with this project, is to spy on the moments of life of these workers, analyzing and showing the characteristic that, in most cases, distinguishes them: loneliness. I tried to catch this loneliness and make it visible through this timeless and spaceless atmosphere."

Lay Off her latest project is a photographic reportage of distance, solidarity and sadness, is a gaze into one's reality leading onlookers to question the empty moments which are like a prelude to what could happen after. Past projects such as East focus on the relationship between the past and present of these nations and show how the past may influence or interact with the world today. With a main aim to signify the traces of relation between life and it's influence of power, Ristori has created a new genre of stylistic imagery through her continuous research of human behaviour.

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