5 things you probably didn't know about Marina Abramović

Mama Marina; the mother of the art world. A catalyst for creation, the Serbian originator has become a barrier pushing artist who's performances rediscover the core of the human body. Her limitless methods explore the relationship between herself and her audience, with her most famous installation being 'The Artist is Present'. Embodying the true meaning of a free spirited feminist her love of interaction has built a gateway for a new genre and generation of art. Seeing the world from a different perspective, here's 5 things you probably didn't know about Marina Abramovic.

1. At 14, Abramovic attempted to purposely break her nose to get her parents to allow her to have plastic surgery. An insecure Marina said that "My only dream in life at the time was to have Brigitte Bardot's nose."

2. She didn't know her real birthday growing up.

3. When she escaped Belgrade, Serbia, she made of living from knitting sweaters, pre- nudist, stomach cutting, screaming performances.

4. Her form of communication is dictated by the serenity of her fingers claiming she scarified the direct communication by force of her art. . "I have all my emails typed out on paper by my assistant, photographed and developed as daguerreotypes by another assistant, transcribed by a third assistant and then finally sent via Hotmail as I click with my finger over the assistant’s finger on the mouse!"

5. During her time living in central Australia, she raised a baby kangaroo, claiming this was the closest maternity felling she ever experienced.

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