Dirty Projectors' latest song is a metaphor of the world's fragility

Having not released any music since 2012, American band, Dirty Projectors have dropped a beautifully crafted new song and video entitled 'Little Bubble'. An exploration of synths and fragile melodies, the band deconstructs then constructs the conflict of different sounds to produce an intimate melody of loss and love. The nature friendly video, directed by Longstreth and longtime collaborator Adam Newport-Berra, is used as a metaphorical outlook on the fragility of the world in which we live in today.

The soothing three minutes and forty seconds of video, reinforces the importance of the delicacy of the world through front man, David Longstreth, sitting in greenhouses, on mountains and lying on grass. Making political and social references to the current state of affairs with lyrics such as 'We had our own little bubble for a while' referring to what is said to be the American election, the full song can be heard and watched below.

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