How Distal Phalanx is breaking e-tailer norms

Distal Phalanx is a Melbourne based e-tailer catering to the youth tonic of today. The multi brand fashion store has become a digital vortex for 'international and local designers' that tap into a powerful aura of difference with non directional designs and new, fresh offerings to the anti-commercial market. Hosting the likes of Liam Hodges, ZDDZ, Justine Clenquet and more, the digital space is setting a new standard of virtual reality for new means of declaration and dictation by unsubscribing itself from the expected norm.

The Australian e-store that was founded in 2014 drops the conventions of an online shop by using cultivating editorials and continuously introducing relevant brands it's youth based clientele. Building a veneer of an online social space, founder Danielle has described that her purpose of Distal Phalanx is to shake up the codes and conventions of a traditional e-tailer in order to meet the needs of a '24 hour global customer'. Not only selling clothes, the powerful platform also explores print publications, interviews and an updated news segment feeding to real and virtual world of the eclectic rebellious youth. Shop and stalk here.

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