How Dylan Fox is redefining freedom

All images: Dylan Fox

British solo artist, Dylan Fox is redefining the meaning of freedom and the historic symbolism of it, particularly within the American and European culture. Exploring this particular theme, Fox infiltrates his ideologies through different multi media mediums causing questionable conversations of social norms and cultural expectations.

Concentrating on contemporary, contextual issues such as the Trump Election and the NHS, Fox sees the greater implications on all of the marginalized groups of today’s society and voices that through visual content. In March 2016, Fox travelled to Florida to undergo surgery to transition from assigned female at birth to male. Channeling continuous frustration and dysphoria, the young British artist used his exhibition Frontier to be used as a platform to prevent further misunderstanding and misrepresentation of the transgender community.

Triggering raw emotions the interactive artwork consists of multiple mediums such as readers boards that take traditional American advertorials and uses them to protest against the expected. A candyfloss machine that questions its historical stance of once being a positive utopian vision for children at carnivals, Fox takes this iconic feature and questions each participants involvement as to why they have to wait at all just to get what they came for, emphasizing societies day to day life of following instructions. Through different forms of interactive media, the fine art graduate is on a continuous quest to break down stereotypes and to find the real meaning of freedom for everyone, a matter that is still to be realized for many marginalized groups around the world.

Dylan Fox has a beautiful story that should be seen, heard and understood.

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