What Hurts' new video says about rejection in society

Gender fluidity, rejection and brutality are the main themes Manchester duo, Hurts focus on in their latest release, Beautiful Ones. Following the rewound version of a night out, front man Theo Hutchcraft captures the rejection of an individual who faces a diaspora identity, as they do not conform to the heteronormative ideology. The three-minute forty-five second story is one of provocative poignancy that incites intrigue and compassion for viewers.

The video highlights the dystopian environment that many live in. The substance of fear and marginalisation. A characterisation of human misery inflicted by others in this highly strung society. There is a significant essence within the video which indicates the basic animalistic instinct of being the pray to a predator. This explosively underlines the span of events which unfold with the prejudices faced towards the transgender community. The filmography of Beautiful Ones presents a derelict nature, highly suggestive, exposing the challenges faced in life – the literal and saddening fight to be who you are. A series of challenged stereotypes can be witnessed in the video, alongside the title of the song that can be viewed as play on words. Is Hutchcraft stating “we” to be his everyday self and his persona, which he is setting free from the norm? Or does “we” impose the general public as a whole? The enigmatic video captures the ruthless satisfaction of the male gaze, which is an area that has been stressed and in turn, contrasted, emphasising that individuals should aim to please themselves and not present themselves for the pleasure of others.

Celebrating individuality, the video showcases the dystopian of genders in todays highly strung society; which Hurts brutally yet beautifully captures through elements of non-conformity, conveying the combat for survival to be your rawest self.

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