MONO-Y: The Italian brand breaking down barriers

All images: MONO-Y

Founded in 2016, Florence born brand MONO-Y speaks to the sub cultures of todays youth generation through its urbanized DNA as a street wear label. The latest collection from the Italian brand focuses on a genderless approach to everyday products like graphic tees, shirts, and blazers, however, the year old brand has carefully altered the designs with more a more directional vision.

“The different collections are always connected between one another, with the aim to preserve the original artistic intention behind the creation of the clothing by using the most appropriate language at any specific situation.” Reflected by the ruthlessness and boundary less world of the youth, the brand plays ode to the human body believing that women and men have the exact same silhouette, hence the dedicated cuts and fabrics that gives the brand such functionality and relevance for today.

Discover more of the campaign and collection here.

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