Everything you need to know about Nous Etudions

Argentina’s answer to the future of fashion, Nous Etudions is providing the industry with a new approach to dressing. Sustainable, wearable and functional, founder, Romina Cardillo is translating these concepts into everyday clothes challenging the industry to obey this social notion.

The vegan brand plays with textural fabrications and sculptural proportions, deconstructing the construction of the female form, making it one of Argentina’s most unique brands of the 21st century. Having recently showcased at Milan Fashion Week as part of ‘The Next Green Talents’ project hosted by Vogue Italia and Yoox, the minimalist brand addresses current happenings through the ideological process of the brand such as global warming and veganism.

Exploring themes of native Argentina and its natural state, the designer speaks to I-D about her continuous source of mother nature as an inspiration, specifically the Argentine Antartic. “I’m very interested in deconstructivist architecture and natural textures — I like to represent my country with handmade textiles” With a fair way of fashion, Nous Etudions is creating a new form of tangible greatness through its artisan way of constructing culturally relevant clothing.

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