How 3ina is breaking beauty barriers

Adopting a new approach to makeup, Spanish/English brand, 3ina has provided a new wave of energy within the congested world of beauty. Empowering beauty rather than dictating it, the evolving brand was founded by Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve and launched in 2016 with it’s flagship store located in Covent Garden, London.

With a sequence of stylistic shadows, face friendly foundations and richly pigmented lipsticks, the cult beauty brand is reaching its millennial market through brave and bold visuals that’ve created a movement in a positive and inclusive light, delivering inspiration and aspiration to the youth of today. The brand describes itself as “being born with a view to disrupt. Responding to a generation who approached makeup in a fresh, fearless and democratic way, is a brand that is playful, built on confident aesthetics, and with a commitment to delivering premium products at an affordable price.”

Image: @3ina

Breaking norms through its disturbance of expected beauty, the brand has been connected by the culture of today, tapping into the powerful aura of the female face. 3ina, pronounced mee-nah reflects the dynamism of women today, through it’s bold and stylistic vision, far from the clichés. The cult brand has achieved a harmonious relationship of 70s nostalgia and modern day rebellion, providing the 21st century with something everyone needs; realness.

Image: @3ina