How this brand is disrupting Argentinian fashion

Deconstructing the construction of the female silhouette, Argentinian born brand, Dubié, is a raw reflection of the chaos and disruption of the bustling city of Buenos Aires. Birthed by designer Agustina Dubié in 2012, the brand see’s playful accents throughout both the clothes and accessories, be it, asymmetric hems, randomly ruched fabrications or a cubic heel. The creator explains “I like to believe that clothes can make people think a little bit, it’s why there is always something off with my designs that’s maybe not so easy to digest.”

Dramatic crops, geometric volumes and daring cuts, the disruptive theme is seen throughout the muted based collection, reinforcing the narrative that femininity can be achieved without the recourse of ruffles and pink pastel hues. The edited selection of Dubié's line is an exploration of social and cultural influences which she explains "I needed to somehow produce something personal — my city was a major influence for that." Minimally adorned and directionally designed, this brand is creating a new wave of homegrown fashion in Argentina.

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